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cassandra? brilliant reader of men? cassandra? i don't want to deal with it. so, can we keep that between the two of us? yeah, yeah. no problem. anyway, maybe i should go down first, you know, just in case. yeah, that's a good idea. experiment unexpectedly confirmed from reputable, if hostile, source. he likes me. captioning sponsored by toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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dreamliner mishap... that's created ha travelers. the dream has turned into a nightmare. the latest dreamliner mishap that's created havoc for bay area travelers. >> i had them for years and i don't use them. i don't feel any need to keep them around. >> that sentiment was very popular today. the overwhelming turnout for a local gun buy-back. >> having trouble paying for college? the website connects coeds to sugar daddies. for the world's most advanced passenger plane. a nippon airways has grounded entire fleet of boeing 7-87 "dreamliners" for immediate more unexpected turbulence for the most advanced passenger blows. nippon airways has
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grounded all of its dreamliners after this latest emergency in japan. that includes the airline a new and highly celebrated service to and from san jose. >> reporter: no one could have predicted this, especially with such cell operation here in san jose for this -- celebration for this nonstop flight that started last week in san jose. but now, all dreamliners grounded. that means all passengers who are supposed to come home via ama are stuck in tokyo. flight 692 with 129 passengers on board made an emergency landing in japan. those on board reported a burning smell. a battery problem triggered a cockpit error forcing pilots to land the plane. tonight, a&a has grounded all of its 17 dreamliners following a series of problems from oil leaks to
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fuel leaks to engine cracks and damaged cockpit windows sxhchltd now an emergency land -- and now an emergency landing. last friday was the inaugural nonstop flight from san jose to tokyo. chris mcginnis flew out saturday on a nonstop flight san jose to tokyo and spoke to cbs 5 via skype tonight. >> the boeing 787 dreamliner really blew me away. >> reporter: and san jose was expecting to enjoy a projected $77.2 million a year pumped into the region with five nonstop flights a week. >> these are teething issues. it doesn't mean the flight is going to stop. it may be canceled today, but it could come back shortly. >> reporter: for years, they
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have suffered a "you can't get here" reputation. this was going to change that. for now, san jose-bound travelers are stuck in tokyo. but fortunately mcginnis isn't one of them. >> luckily i'm booked on a triple 7 flying back into san francisco. >> reporter: "a&a is confident of the safety of the dreamliner and inspects all boeing aircraft on a daily basis to insure safety of our operation." also releasing this statement, "working with the appropriate regulatory agency." police are on the hunt for a man who tried to kidnap a toddler. at around 5:30 tonight, a mother noticed a stranger walk up to her kids.
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when she picked up her daughter, the man grabbed the gurl's legs and try -- girl's legs and tried to pull her away. the mother was able to get in her home and call police. the man she described as smelling like auto oil ran off. he's been credited with turning around police departments in two of the nation's biggest cities. buff tonight oakland's -- but tonight, oakland's plan to hire him is meeting some resistance. >> reporter: protestors jam oakland city council chambers, irate over this man's words. >> for any city to say they don't do stop and frisk, they don't know what the hell they're talking about. >> reporter: he is the former police #k450e6 of los angeles and -- chief of los angeles and new york, he may be the most voek opponent of stop and frisk. >> any police department in
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america that tries to function without some form of stop and frisk or whatever terminology they use is doomed to failure. >> reporter: and he's on his way to becoming a highly paid consult apt for the city of oakland. is it safe to say that you are and bill bretton are on the same page when it comes to stop and frisk? >> i think we're saying the same thing. >> reporter: they say it unfairly singles out minorities. >> stop and frisk doesn't work. look at new york city . >> reporter: new york city's program resulted in more than 700,000 stops in 2011, according to the new york times. 85% of those stopped were black or hispanic men. and the vast majority of the stops discovered gnaw wrongdoing. >> some people are arguing that it's a slippery slope to racial profiling. >> as i mentioned earlier, we do not condone racial profiling. >> reporter: bill bratton won't
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be the only one consulting on this crime plan. he wants to hear the voice of the community and faith leaders. at the end of the day, how to fight crime here is up to him. >> i'm the police chief. i get to decide what practice we're going to do and how. i'm the person that can be held accountable. bill will be giving me advice. and it's up to me to implement it. >> reporter: after hours of sometimes chaotic public comment this evening, that discussion is still going on. we still don't know whether the city council will approve this contract. however, if they do, it means that the city should have a crime prevention plan in place by spring. the man taking over the san jose police department says he did not want the job for good. he can speak for rank and file officers after 27 years on the force, he says. >> i think they want a voice,
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and i think that's what i want to do, be that voice for them and be honest and sincere with them, and i have been, i think, and i think that's important to them. >> he will focus on retaining recovers and work to improve morale among them. he's replacing chris moore who is retiring this week. a northern california police officer has been killed in the line of duty late this morning in golf, halfway between sacramento and stockton. the officer and his partner were confronting a burglary suspect when the man pulled a gun on them. he was shot and killed. the partner was not hurt. the suspect later turned the gun on himself. he has not been identified. a part time student shot a longtime administrator at a college in missouri before then
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killing himself. police found a chaotic scene. at least 40 and staff were inside the building at the time. >> the suspect and the victim were familiar with each other, knew each other. this appeared to be targeted toward the two. >> police don't have a motive yet for that shooting. president obama will announce steps to curb gun violence tomorrow. the president went over some recommendations with joe biden today. mr. obama will announce his proposals surrounded by children who wrote him in the wake of the sandy hook shooting. the white house is prepare forward a fight. >> the president is committed to pushing these proposals. he is not naive about the challenges that exist. >> he is expected to push for an assault weapons ban, expanded background check, and limited sales of high-capacity magazines. new york lawmakers just passed the toughest gun restrictions in the country.
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the law includes an immediate ban on semi-automatic rifles and handguns with "a military-style feature." it also seeps to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. the governor signed the measure into law less than an hour after the legislature passed it. hundreds of gun owners showed up in marin county to trade in their guns for money. some of them walked away with ious instead. >> reporter: the aim, to get guns off the streets. >> i we think need to degun america. we're not out in the forest killing animals for meat. we're out killing each other. >> reporter: the trade, drop off your legal or illegal firerememberas. no questions are asked -- firearms, no questions asked, and you get
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cash. >> i've had them for years, and i don't use them, i don't feel any need to keep them around. and cash is better at this point. it pays some bills. >> we need to be mothers against guns. guns are killing our children, in the streets and in the school, and mothers just need to get mad about guns. >> you mad? >> i'm mad! >> reporter: this buy-back happened in five locations in marin tonight. at the novato location, the line snaked down the street. the $43,000 raised for the program was gone in an hour. >> i'm gratified by what we've seen as far as weapons being turned in. and it is more than i expected to be high pressure system. >> reporter: the county district attorney spear headed the program. and with no more cash on hand, officers had to
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begin handing out vouchers. if they're able to raise more money in 30 days, the county will honor them. and he believes it could be worth it. >> just one gun out of the home might save a child's life. lance armstrong could face some serious legal problems for coming clean about doping. in an interview with oprah, he talks candidly about what is said to be his use of performance enhancing drugs. interstate has not aired yet, but already experts say his confession could land him some counter lawsuits from people that armstrong has taken to court gerring his integrity -- for questioning his integrity. >> he is in a position where he needs to do what they are telling him to do. he needs to dance to their tune. >> the interview with oprah is set to air on her own network thursday night. san francisco international
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airport could be getting a new name. the supervisor introduced a proposal to rename it after murdered supervisor, harvey milk. supporters of the plan say renaming the airport would be a symbol of home and freedom for gays and lesbians all over the world. i answer the phone, i get paid. >> there is another trend that is growing for students: getting a sugar daddy. >> a simple change of perspective. using the world literally as a stage. >> a change in the forecast coming. coit tower lit up in red for the 49ers.
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i only broke two pipes today. good, it's warming up! [ laughter ] >> this has been a stretch! this is not typical for us. a night or two , maybe three. this has been seven straight nights below normal temperatures. the full moon, a crescent moon, actually, but the fact that it's out means tell be another chilly night tonight. no freeze warns or frost advisories. but the inland valleys still very chilly. santa rosa, 35,
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livermore, 37. concord, 35. likely dropping below freezing for santa rose affairfield, and lifemore -- fairfield, and livermore. you will need a jacket especially for the kids tomorrow morning. an angelo of 40, san francisco. san jose, 34. livermore, averaged 30 over the past seven days. we are mainly dry, we'll stay mainly dry. and look at this ridge of high pressure setting the storm track up toward alaska and northern british columbia. that is rare this time of year to have a high pressure dome this big and strong. it's not going to move for 7-10 days. high pressure in control, not moving. we will begin to warm up and get into the 60s. nights will still
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be chilly, 30s away from the water. highs around 60 for much of the rest of this week and into next week. livermore, 56. back to average. san jose, 59. sunnyvale, 58. sunshine in san ramon. mill valley 55, san francisco 56. tomorrow though, some inland spots will hit 60. mid-60s by thursday and friday. and look at all that sunshine for the weekend! including the holiday on monday. it's all about the sunshine. we just have to be patient for the warming to get here. hopefully no pipes broken tonight. >> no, i have had people who tried to turn the water on in the morning and no water. frozen. [ laughter ] back in the day, working your way through college meant working a minimum wage job. now some young women are seeking sugar daddies. a cbs 5 reporter tells us the trend is picking up
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at a couple of northern california universities. >> reporter: when i went to college, i waited tables and worked in the dorms. it never dawned on me that there was a different service i could provide. >> i answer phone, i get lunch for my boss. >> reporter: maybe that's old fashioned. as tuition climbs, more students are looking for better-paying jobs with a different kind of boss. nationwide, hundreds of thousands of coeds are looking for a sugar daddy. an older, wealthier man who will pay for school. and they're turning to the website >> it's a dating website. it's like you have a boyfriend who's wealthy. >> reporter: that's how the founder describes it. this sugar baby says in addition to tuition, she got car, trips, and jewelry. and in return? >> sex. >> i feel like it's degrading to yourself. >> reporter: according to the website, they have 2 million members.
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there are 159 female sugar babies at berkeley. >> if you're smart enough to go to berkeley, you should be smart enough to find a job. >> reporter: davis has seen a 220% increase with 93 sugar babies now on campus. the average coed makes about $3,000 a month, and the arrangement can be for months or years. it doesn't have to involve sex. >> being a sugar baby is a lifestyle, essentially. these people are receiving monetary, financial help. but what they're giving back and companionship. >> reporter: maybe the world has changed. maybe it's the ultimate feminist act, a way of taking care of yourself. >> i think that it's somewhat degrading, but if a woman who's doing it is comfortable with it and is okay with what's happening, then that should be up to them. >> reporter: without passing judgment on the current sugar baby, let me say this.
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i have two young daughter, and i hope they get scholar help sh upons to go to college. but -- scholarships to go to college. a group of oakland dancerce is turning the -- dancers is turning the world of modern dance on its side, literally. the troupe has been creating the unique art for 22 years now. the founder came up with the idea while rock climbing in the sierra. >> people ask a circusy thing. and they get dance in a totally different environment. >> the dancerce use the tools of rock climbing s use the tools of rock climbing to scale their stages. and it's really not easy. >> incredible to watch. >> you ready to jump on the 49ers band wagon?
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>> from slick to chic. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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championship. 49er fans are scrambling to suit up, befo the stores sell out. players are not the only ones gearing up for sunday's nfc championship game. fans scrambling to suit up! >> absolutely. and mike shows us they're not just looking forward to the big game. they're taking a look back. >> ready for sunday's game! got my '9ers gear on. my sweatshirt. all right , this is the 1994 season. crushed the chargers though! but i'm old-school! >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: you got to go for the gold. the gold standard in old-school '9ers wear? >> this just came out this year, the gold jacket, sf logo on the front, and in the back is the correct back t. says 49ers. >> reporter: they're running out of the new old-school jacket.
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they stopped making them in the early '90s. >> hione when i was a kid. i -- i had whereon when i was a kid. i wish i still had it. >> i love this jacket. it reminds me of the '80s. >> reporter: which is why sabrina came in from fresno to pick one up. a store in san jose is selling a special colin kaepernick shirt. >> it's a design that we did, st. michael killing the devil, which is the tattoo on collin's back. >> reporter: against all odds, the tattoo on his chest, sold out 1,200. >> i think that's pretty obvious. everyone can agree. >> reporter: michelle is orly's
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wife, and after his performance, they dropped by kaepernick's house to give him some of the shirts. >> he was just hanging out at the house like a normal guy. >> reporter: he said he liked the shirts. maybe 20 years from now, people will bring out a worn out holy shirt like this one and wear it proudly. >> for more on 49ers merchandise, go to our website. what colin kaepernick has accomplished in less than a year that jeff garcia could not do in five. the meltdown on the court that would make mcenroe proud. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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guys, there's a new sheriffn town.. joe montana was on 12 sports illustrated covers. move over, guys, there's a new
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sheriff in torn! the kapper in the spotlight. you were dead on, jim, about colin kaepernick. hopped a plane, back today, ready to work. i definitely wanted to get back, and you know, kind of start to look at them. these opportunities, even though we've been in them the past two years, they don't come that often. the atlanta the head coaching job of the afc west. chargers named mike mccoy as their new head coach. mccoy spent the last four years as the broncos offensive coordinator. an issue with the line call. >> how many times! how many times! >> this was just the first set. he played five more
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and won. >> wow. >> you got to at least have a name before you start pulling that stuff. ,,,,,,

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